As CBD becomes more mainstream and the British Government regulated the industry, we’ve witnessed many brands fall to the wayside after failing to meet the standards required for approval. The brands and products that do remain on the shelves of retailers and available online should all have been approved and granted their Novel licence. This gives the consumer greater peace of mind that the products now offered for sale are of a high standard and meet with the regulations as laid out by the British Food Standards Agency.

As the industry progresses forward many more retailers are beginning to stock Best CBD Oil UK products on their shelves, thus allowing the end consumer more choice and another option when it comes to an individuals health and well being. This is a great step forward for the industry and allowed the premium products to be elevated and the not so premium products to be removed from sale. This alone has leveled the playing field and offered a safety net for the consumers of CBD Oil Online UK, protecting you from purchasing products that didn’t necessarily always contain the ingredients as listed on the bottle.

A huge step forward in terms of customer safety and satisfaction. Olives Oil Finest CBD are proud to be Novel approved.