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Olives Oil 3000mg Finest Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Nano Spray Ultra Plus 15ml

Olives Oil 3000mg Finest Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Nano Spray Ultra Plus 15ml

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For Healthy Mind and Body, Live Your Best Life

£129 that's just 4.3p per MG

3000MG 20% Organic CBD Nano Spray Ultra Plus

Up to 10 times more Bioavailability than regular Oil

Super critical CO2 Extraction 

Pharmaceutical Lab Grade

Zero % THC 100% Plant

Broad Spectrum

Legal for sale in the U.K after 31st March 2021

Novel food Compliant

Vegan Friendly 

15ml Light Proof Black Bottle so no light degradation

Using only the Finest ingredients our premium Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Nano Spray Ultra Plus contains 3000mg of Colorado US sourced, Supercritical CO2 Extracted and Lab tested CBD. Blended with Organic Sativa L cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil, which by itself has a multitude of benefits including anti ageing properties and 9 amino acids. Served in a 15ml black glass dropper bottle that prevents light degradation and preserves the CBD. Our 15ml/3000mg bottle equals 20% CBD content. With Zero % THC Olives Oil Finest Organic CBD is safe for everyone, especially those working in industries where drug testing is mandatory, police officers and train drivers for example plus many more. 

This is our strongest blend of CBD Nano Spray with a new patent pending delivery system that helps absorption into the body so effectively its been found to have up to 10 times more bioavailability than regular oil. Our 3000mg Nano Spray is great for people that require a stronger dose or have difficulty absorbing regular CBD Oil. Dosing should be followed until you find your own level of requirement.  Each single spray contains approximately 40mg of CBD. Recommended take 1 spray 3 to 4 times per day. CBD's effects can be felt for up to 6 hours so repeat dosing every 6 hours is recommended depending on required level of well being desired. These are only guidelines and most will find them suitable, others requiring additional feeling of well being and other benefits may prefer an adjusted dose. It really is about what's best for you and your body, we are all different. A single spray a few times a day will give noticeable effect. Start dosing low and slowly increase your dosing until you find your desired level of well-being. Not suitable if pregnant or breast feeding, always consult your G.P before taking CBD if on any other medication. Not for sale to under 18s.

Further information about our Patent Pending Sub Lingual Nano Spray

CBD oil has a bioavailability of between 6-19%. Therefore, if you hold CBD Oil in the mouth for longer than 2 minutes, then the absorption can reach a maximum of 19%, but it is not guaranteed. After swallowing the CBD Oil, only a small proportion of the CBD is absorbed through the portal circulation, and the rest of it is excreted out without having any effect whatsoever.

The main reason for the very poor absorption of CBD Oil is linked to the hydrophobic properties of CBD and the carrier oil, hence only a small amount is absorbed through the sublingual passage/ oral mucosa and rest is send to the digestive tract and eventually metabolised in the liver, therefore, CBD oil’s action is slow and bioavailability is lower than the other routes of administration, which avoid the first-pass metabolism, therefore, the higher doses of CBD Oil are required to work and overtime there is also a small risk of tolerance.

Also, the clinical research has shown that macromolecules of CBD Oil are generally not very well absorbed through the oral mucosa and via systemic circulation, and we know that replacing the CBD Oil’s pipette dropper with a fine mist of spray is not the solution, as the absorption rate remains the same.

The patented CBD spray was developed using nanotechnology, with the molecule size, smaller than 1 micrometre (μm) and bigger than 500nm to increase the permeation of CBD through the buccal mucosa, therefore, CBD spray enhances the absorption and bioavailability, and only a small amount of CBD is required to act faster than CBD Oil.

The technology used in CBD spray is safe and enhances the bioavailability of CBD to over 80%. The nanometre (nm) scale size and patented low viscosity carrier prevents its penetration through the lungs, digestive tract, and other vital organs and avoids the formation of free radicals, which otherwise can cause severe cell damage to the DNA.

This unique patent pending delivery system combines science and technology, not to be confused with other inferior CBD sprays

New government guidelines from April 1st 2021 suggest a recommended maximum dose of 70mg per day

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